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Be cautious before you sign a commercial lease agreement

When you find the perfect space for your Virginia company, you may be excited to move ahead as soon as possible. It can be quite difficult to find the right kind of storefront, warehouse or commercial building for your business, but there are plenty of reasons you should proceed cautiously and carefully. One way you can do this is by negotiating the terms of your commercial lease.

Self-driving trucks now on Virginia roads

What just a few years ago sounded like science fiction is quickly becoming a reality in Virginia and across the United States. Self-driving vehicles are slowly hitting the market for consumers and businesses. These vehicles, which use computers and sensors to avoid obstructions and other vehicles, include the potential of reducing the number truck accidents.

Steps to take after a car accident

Most Blacksburg area drivers understand the importance of driving safely. They obey traffic laws and pay attention to their surroundings. Despite doing everything right an accident can still occur. If a person finds themselves involved in a car accident, there are certain things they should do.

Is failure to properly diagnose grounds for a malpractice claim?

When you to go your Virginia doctor, you trust that the medical care you receive will be adequate and up to acceptable standards. It can be devastating to learn that your doctor failed to provide adequate care by misdiagnosing you or failing to properly diagnose your medical condition. In some cases, this could be grounds for a medical malpractice claim against the liable party.

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