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Should you plead guilty? Not if you're innocent

Trying to defend yourself against allegations of committing a crime can be difficult, but there are actually several different methods that can be used to defend you. Your attorney has trained to be able to support you and to protect your rights, so they will likely suggest whichever defense is the most likely to help you. That being said, every case is different, and your attorney will need to know everything to be able to help you. Be honest and thorough when you describe how you came to be in this position.

When working on your defense, three common strategies might be suggested. One is to confess. Another is to deny involvement completely. The third is to admit you did the crime and then to explain why it was necessary.

Of these, a complete denial is what most people start with, and many people maintain the denial through the case. That's because many people are innocent of the crimes that they are accused of, just like you are.

When creating your defense strategy, your attorney will consider how you want to plead. For example, if you are pleading innocence, then your attorney will help you build up a case to show why you couldn't have been involved in the crime. For example, if you were at dinner with friends when the crime took place, then you would have a strong alibi that could be verified with security cameras or witness statements.

Your attorney will help coach you for trial, if a trial is necessary. Our website has more on what to expect as you move through the criminal justice system and this defense process.

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