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Is coronavirus legally considered an act of God?

Employers the world over are trying to measure the impact of COVID-19 on business operations. Many businesses have ceased operations to help combat the virus, but these measures are unsustainable. Temporary closings are turning permanent, cash-on-hand to pay quarantined employees is dwindling and business contracts are going unfulfilled. Many company attorneys have begun to explore creative legal avenues for relief. Some may attempt to legally frame the coronavirus pandemic as an "act of God" and activate the force majeure clauses of their contracts.

We represent a range of business sizes and types

Many different types of businesses either call the Blacksburg area home or, at least, have a presence in this area. This part of Virginia has sole proprietorships and partnerships as well as smaller, family-owned corporations and limited liability companies.

What is a joint venture and why would I want to enter one?

A joint venture is a type of business association. It is a little bit different, though, from other business structures, like corporations or conventional partnerships, since it is for a limited purpose and may also be limited in time and in scope.

Legal issues with business mergers and acquisitions

While the biggest mergers and acquisitions make national news, the reality is that a whole range of business organizations of various sizes in Virginia may come to a point in which their leadership wishes to buy another business outright. Alternatively, the leadership may wish to combine forces with another business, perhaps even under a new name. At each stage of the process, a business merger presents legal issues that can be difficult to resolve yet are of utmost importance to the interests of all parties involved.

What does regulatory compliance entail?

As its name implies, regulatory compliance refers to an obligation that Blacksburg, Virginia, businesses have to follow the network of federal, state and local laws and rules that pertain to that business. These rules and regulations can cover even small and mid-sized businesses, and they run the gamete over all sort of topics, such as human resources, safety, recordkeeping and data privacy.

The 4 types of business formation

Whether it is a person's first business or not, starting a business requires one to go through a process of steps. Clearly, the logistics of the business must be planned out, but a business owner must also decide what type of formation will be most beneficial to them. In order to do this, business owners or those considering starting a business should become familiar with the different types of business formations available.

How does a partnership compare to other business structures?

When starting a small business, it is vital to understand what structure will work best for you and the business. In many cases, partnerships seem to be the most beneficial and the most lucrative for a small business. In these cases, it is important to understand what a partnership looks like and the different types available. This will ensure a small business owner creates a business structure that benefits them and their business.

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