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Does a short sale have benefits to consider?

If your mortgage is costly and will result in you paying more than your home is worth, something that you may want to consider in the future is a short sale. A short sale prevents foreclosure and helps borrowers avoid paying back the difference between what they owe on a mortgage and the sale price of a home.

These 4 alternatives to foreclosure could help you keep your home

If you are struggling with paying your bills, one thing that you may be worried about is foreclosure. If foreclosure is a real and potential problem, the good news is that there are some alternatives to foreclosure that you may be able to access.

Virginia's residential property disclosure rules

Buying a house is an important financial step in the life of a family. In addition to being the family's home, a house also often represents a family's most costly, and valuable investment. If it turns out that the house is not in the condition which it appeared to be in, what started as a family dream can quickly degenerate into a nightmare.

An overview of mechanic's liens in Virginia

When people in Blacksburg hear about foreclosure, their first thought may be about a family or a business falling behind on their payments to the bank on the loan they took out to buy the real estate. All Virginians, and particularly those who are building or doing significant improvements certain properties, should also be aware about the foreclosure risks associated with mechanic's liens. For that matter, those who are buying new construction buildings or recently renovated property should also be aware of the problems that may arise with mechanic's liens.

A few important things to consider in a commercial lease

The Blacksburg area can be a great place to start a business, but one of the keys to doing so successfully is picking out the right location for that new enterprise. After all, even in this day of online shopping and service, most businesses will still need some sort of traditional brick-and-mortar presence.

What is the role of title insurance in real estate transactions?

Whether one is buying a private home, an investment property or commercial real estate, he or she may notice in the closing paperwork that he or she is spending a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars on title insurance.

Considering alternatives to foreclosure

For many, living the American dream is the ultimate goal. This essentially means getting a good job, getting married, starting a family and owning a home. Homeownership is not simple feat though. It does not only mean paying a mortgage but any costs associated with upkeep. This can make homeownership very expensive, and when an individual or family finds it challenging to keep up with these costs, one might face losing their home.

What are the elements of a short sale?

Purchasing a home or real estate is an exciting time. It means obtaining a family home, a new business or working in the business of flipping homes and buildings. No matter the reason for purchase, though, various steps must be completed in order for this transaction to be complete. When looking at properties, it might be more lucrative to purchase one over the other. One thing that buyers need to consider is a short sale and what this means over a purchase that is not a short sale.

Helping you through real estate transactions

Purchasing a home or a business is a major life event. It is not only a costly transaction but also one that will control a person's finances for an extended time frame. Thus, it is not a transaction to enter into lightly. Many steps are necessary when going through the process to purchase or sell real estate. In addition, much paperwork must be compiled, filled out and signed. This can be an overwhelming time, requiring some assistance to ensure the transaction goes as planned.

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