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Various liabilities in a truck accident case

Due to their immense sizes, truck accidents can result in much more dire consequences than a collision involving two sedans. In the event another vehicle is in the crash, the other driver may need to file a lawsuit to try to receive compensation for injuries and damages.

Victims of such crashes may have a few different options available because with commercial drivers, there are a few different entities that may hold liability. 

Negligent hiring and training

Trucking employers need to follow strict guidelines in their hiring processes. Employers have to review applicants’ driving histories, including whether they have been in any accidents within the last five years. Even when new hires come on board, they have to undergo extensive training. An investigation may reveal the trucking company neglected to properly vet a truck driver or failed to give him or her the proper training. Such incidents increase the amount of liability on the company’s end. 

Vicarious liability

In some cases, negligent hiring and training practices are not necessary to prove liability on the company’s end. The company may hold some responsibility due to vicarious liability. However, some companies try to get out of this situation by hiring drivers as independent contractors instead of actual employees. 

Driver negligence

In most cases, the individual driver will hold most of the liability. Since he or she operates a larger vehicle that is more dangerous in the event of a crash, the truck driver needs to remain even more vigilant than normal. Speeding, neglecting to follow traffic signs and texting while driving are common examples of negligence. Truck drivers also have to follow extra regulations. For example, they can only work so many hours a day, so if records indicate the driver exceeded that limit to meet a deadline, then that fuels the evidence. 


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