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Virginia men arrested on various charges including drug crimes

When police officers are responding to a call or are issue a search warrant, it is likely that unexpected evidence and information is uncovered. This could result in multiple charges being filed and even additional suspects being charged. While evidence is collected, this does not always mean the evidence will remain. A search is not always conducted properly and evidence could be mishandled, which could allow for the accused to assert a criminal defense.

According to recent reports, three Virginia men, including a man wanted for felony assault, were arrested. During a response to a residence to assist detectives with a search for a man wanted on abduction, strangulation and assault charges, authorities discovered numerous controlled substances and firearms.

Various liabilities in a truck accident case

Due to their immense sizes, truck accidents can result in much more dire consequences than a collision involving two sedans. In the event another vehicle is in the crash, the other driver may need to file a lawsuit to try to receive compensation for injuries and damages.

Victims of such crashes may have a few different options available because with commercial drivers, there are a few different entities that may hold liability. 

How does a partnership compare to other business structures?

When starting a small business, it is vital to understand what structure will work best for you and the business. In many cases, partnerships seem to be the most beneficial and the most lucrative for a small business. In these cases, it is important to understand what a partnership looks like and the different types available. This will ensure a small business owner creates a business structure that benefits them and their business.

How does a partnership compare to other business structures? Next to sole proprietorship, developing a general partnership is the easiest type of structure to form. Partnerships, unlike corporations or limited liability companies, do not have formal requirements or paperwork that need to be filed. Only two things need to exist. This includes a business and the sharing of profits. While partnerships are easy to form, they could present difficulties when it comes to managing them and even dissolving them.

Helping you strategize a criminal defense

No matter a person's criminal history, facing criminal charges is a serious matte. It is one that can leave defendants in Virginia and elsewhere feeling emotional and confused. They are likely shocked that they are in such a predicament, and they are unsure how to move forward. Initiating a criminal defense may feel overwhelming; however, it is important that defendants take this vital and necessary step.

A criminal defense might seem pointless, especially if the evidence against you is piling up. However, a defendant has the ability to knock this pile over and poke holes in the case by taking the time to develop a strong criminal defense.

Considering alternatives to foreclosure

For many, living the American dream is the ultimate goal. This essentially means getting a good job, getting married, starting a family and owning a home. Homeownership is not simple feat though. It does not only mean paying a mortgage but any costs associated with upkeep. This can make homeownership very expensive, and when an individual or family finds it challenging to keep up with these costs, one might face losing their home.

Foreclosure is not an easy situation to deal with. This is the legal means for a lender to repossess a home if a homeowner becomes delinquent on the loan. While the foreclosure process might ensue at this time, it is vital to understand what alternatives to foreclosure exist. This could mean avoiding the difficult and lengthy process or even being able to keep one's home.

Man runs over other driver following car crash

Car accidents can look like a lot of different things. It can be a fender bender, head on collision, sideswipe, T-bone, multi-vehicle crash and even a pedestrian accident. Sometimes these tragic events are simply just accidents. In other cases, a motorist is negligent or reckless, resulting in a serious crash. When a motorist is deliberately acting reckless, this not only opens up the possibility of the driver facing criminal charges for his or her acts, but it could also mean legal recourses for a victim for the losses and damages suffered.

According to recent reports, a serious automobile collision occurred in Manassas. Police reports indicate that a Maryland man was charged with attacking another person following a motor vehicle accident. Authorities in Virginia believe that this altercation occurred after a minor accident occurred near the intersection of Prince Williams County Parkway and Hastings Drive.

Did you know an IID is mandatory for a first DUI conviction?

The Commonwealth of Virginia is serious about keeping drunk drivers off the road. One of the measures found to be very effective is that of installing an ignition interlock device in a vehicle.

State law now requires the use of an IID for any conviction related to alcohol. This means, even if you are a first-time offender, you will have to adjust to driving with an ignition interlock device on board.

What are the pros and cons of a plea bargain?

It can be an overwhelming and nerve wrecking experience when an individual is arrested. Facing criminal charges can mean a wide array of things to the accused; however, it likely means that he or she will have to make a decision regarding the criminal defense to initiate. For some, going to court and litigating the matter is the most obvious way to assert a defense. Nonetheless, some defendants explore other defense options that might help them avoid a lengthy criminal proceeding. In some cases, a plea bargain may be in the best interests of the accused.

What are the pros and cons of a plea bargain? To begin, plea bargain is decided before a trial begins. This means that a defendant could avoid going to court. The process involves an agreement being made between a defendant and the prosecution in order to resolve the matter without going to court.

Helping you assert your rights following a car crash

When we get in a motor vehicle, we are often thinking about where we are going. We often do not think about the dangers that we might encounter when traveling in a vehicle. However, there are many dangers on the roadways. Distracted, reckless, fatigued and intoxicated drivers could be traveling near you, creating an extremely risky situation. Although many motorists have never been involved in a car accident, the unfortunate reality is that an accident could happen at any time and to anyone.

Whether it is minor, serious or fatal, automobile collisions can impact many people in many ways. An injured victim may suffer serious injuries, causing them to undergo much medical care. Accidents could cause disabilities, impacting a person's ability to maintain a job. Finally, car crashes can take lives. Family members could suffer tremendous loss following at fatal car accident. At Spicer, Olin & Associates, our skilled attorneys understand how a car accident can generate much damage and losses. Thus, we are dedicated to helping those in the Blackburg area understand their options and now to navigate a civil action.

What are the elements of a short sale?

Purchasing a home or real estate is an exciting time. It means obtaining a family home, a new business or working in the business of flipping homes and buildings. No matter the reason for purchase, though, various steps must be completed in order for this transaction to be complete. When looking at properties, it might be more lucrative to purchase one over the other. One thing that buyers need to consider is a short sale and what this means over a purchase that is not a short sale.

What are the elements of a short sale? To begin, a short sale is a sale of property that results in the mortgage lender netting less than the amount due to the lender once all costs are taken into consideration. Why does this occur? This often happens for two reasons.

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