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What does regulatory compliance entail?

As its name implies, regulatory compliance refers to an obligation that Blacksburg, Virginia, businesses have to follow the network of federal, state and local laws and rules that pertain to that business. These rules and regulations can cover even small and mid-sized businesses, and they run the gamete over all sort of topics, such as human resources, safety, recordkeeping and data privacy.

Businesses may even be expected to have in place controls that help the government prevent fraud, money laundering and even dealing with countries against which the United States has imposed economic sanctions.

What is the role of title insurance in real estate transactions?

Whether one is buying a private home, an investment property or commercial real estate, he or she may notice in the closing paperwork that he or she is spending a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars on title insurance.

The idea behind title insurance, like other types of insurance, is not to have to use it. It exists not so much to protect the physical structures on the land one is buying as it is to secure the legal right of the new owner to hold the land in the first place. Of course, in a normal transaction, a person legally gets the property he or she purchased with no encumbrances.

The long-term consequences of a serious head injury

One of the possible consequences of a truck accident in Blacksburg, Virginia, is a serious head injury. Especially given the size difference between a full-sized truck and a smaller passenger vehicle, one can easily see how a victim of a negligent truck driver can easily leave the accident suffering head trauma.

Virginians are likely well aware of the most serious consequences of a traumatic brain injury. Assuming a person survives the injury at all, he or she could survive only on a permanent on long-term comatose state. Obviously, a person in a coma needs around-the-clock medical care and is unable to provide for himself or his family.

Federal rules limit the time truckers can be on the road

Fatigued driving is dangerous behavior for any motorist traveling through the Blacksburg, Virginia, area to engage in.

One need not be an expert to recognize that someone who is too tired behind the wheel, even if he manages to stay awake, is prone to making major errors in judgment, losing control of his vehicle, drifting and other behavior akin to drunk or drugged driving.

The U.S. region with the most child deaths from car accidents

During the holiday season, you hear about many causes to help protect children or treat them for serious medical conditions. One you may not hear much about is child deaths from car crashes. However, auto accidents are the leading cause of unintentional deaths among children 1 to 14 years old, reports MedlinePlus of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

ScienceDaily shared a recent study that looked at these fatalities from the years 2010 to 2014. It revealed which area of the country was the most dangerous for children in collisions and why.

Virginia State Police trooper injured in crash

Although they may not think about it every time they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, motorists in Virginia and elsewhere are subject to certain dangers and risks every time they drive. There are chances that their vehicle could break down, debris is encountered and even a negligent driver collides with them. In the event of a motor vehicle crash, everyone, passengers included, could fall victim.

According to recent reports, a Virginia State Police trooper was injured in a crash. This automobile accident involved the trooper's cruiser and an SUV. The crash occurred in Hanover County during the early morning hours. The trooper was responding to a single vehicle crash on I-295 going north.

Who is more likely to drive distracted?

For the most part, individuals in Virginia and all across the nation have a lot going on in their lives. Being busy is not always bad; however, multi-tasking while driving is often frowned upon and is frequently descried as dangerous. While it might be important to check that e-mail, sent that text or take a phone call, the fact of the matter is that this is distracted driving, and this conduct causes far too many accidents on the roadways each and every day.

Who is more likely to drive distracted? With it being National Teen Driver Safety week, facts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention can help highlight the rate of automobile collisions among teen drivers. In fact, teens are known as the most at-risk population on the road. This is for many reasons, as they are new drivers and do not understand how even a minor distraction lasting a few seconds could have a deadly result.

The 4 types of business formation

Whether it is a person's first business or not, starting a business requires one to go through a process of steps. Clearly, the logistics of the business must be planned out, but a business owner must also decide what type of formation will be most beneficial to them. In order to do this, business owners or those considering starting a business should become familiar with the different types of business formations available.

There are four main types of business formation, and depending on the needs of the business and the business owner, some are more advantageous than others. The first is sole proprietorship. This is considered the most simplest business formation, and it is the least expensive type to form as well. For this type, there are no incorporation documents to file or the need to run a business notice in the paper. This type of business has only one owner and there are no protections from lawsuits or creditors claims.

Understanding your Miranda rights

Whenever Virginia law enforcement officers seek to question you with regard to a criminal matter, you would do well to remember that no law requires you to voluntarily speak with police officers or provide them with any information other than your name and address if they request identification. In fact, just the opposite applies in the United States.

You undoubtedly have heard various iterations of the Miranda warning since you were a child watching TV or going to “cop show” movies. Just to refresh your memory, the Miranda warning’s four parts consist of the following:

  1. You have the right to remain silent.
  2. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  3. You have the right to an attorney.
  4. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.

Guiding you through your criminal defense options

Criminal charges can vary greatly. Additionally, the penalties associated with a crime can differ as well. This is because there are both mitigating and aggravating factors to consider. This makes each criminal charge unique to the defendant facing the charge. Because of this, it is important that defendants view their criminal defense like this as well. There is no one size fits all criminal defense, meaning these can be design and catered to the details of the alleged crime.

Facing any type of crime can be an emotional experience, and our law firm realizes that it is often best to have solid and trustworthy guidance during this time. A Spicer Olin & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have years of experience helping clients in the Blacksburg area navigating criminal allegations.

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