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Autonomous trucks: Available, but still not foolproof

If there is one thing that is obvious to anyone who drives on a highway, it's that trucks are dangerous vehicles. They are large, take up a lot of space and create many blind spots for their drivers. The drivers themselves are often worked to exhaustion, which increases the risk of drowsiness and falling asleep behind the wheel.

Truck crashes happen often, but with the rise of the autonomous trucks that are being produced now, those crashes could eventually be a thing of the past.

Does a short sale have benefits to consider?

If your mortgage is costly and will result in you paying more than your home is worth, something that you may want to consider in the future is a short sale. A short sale prevents foreclosure and helps borrowers avoid paying back the difference between what they owe on a mortgage and the sale price of a home.

Short sales have benefits, so if you're struggling to pay your mortgage and can't sell your home to get out of debt, then it might be a good choice. With a short sale, you can:

  • Sell your home for less than you owe
  • Avoid a foreclosure on your record
  • Avoid having to pay the difference between the home's sale price and what you owe on your mortgage

Should you plead guilty? Not if you're innocent

Trying to defend yourself against allegations of committing a crime can be difficult, but there are actually several different methods that can be used to defend you. Your attorney has trained to be able to support you and to protect your rights, so they will likely suggest whichever defense is the most likely to help you. That being said, every case is different, and your attorney will need to know everything to be able to help you. Be honest and thorough when you describe how you came to be in this position.

When working on your defense, three common strategies might be suggested. One is to confess. Another is to deny involvement completely. The third is to admit you did the crime and then to explain why it was necessary.

Delayed injuries? You can still make a claim

When you're involved in a car crash, one of the things you have to watch out for is delayed-onset injuries. Delayed-onset injuries are injuries that you may not have symptoms of right away. They may develop over time.

There are many kinds of delayed-onset injuries that will produce symptoms such as:

  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Numbness
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches

Protect your business interests with a strong commercial lease

As a Virginia business owner, you know how difficult it is to find a commercial space that is affordable and suitable for your company needs. When you find the right warehouse, storefront or space that is what you're looking for, you may feel tempted to quickly sign on the dotted line and move ahead. However, you would be wise to consider whether you should negotiate the terms of your commercial lease. 

Landlords want to protect their interests, but you have the right to do the same. If you sign a lease agreement without careful consideration of the terms, you could be exposing yourself to the potential for financial loss and other complications. It may also be beneficial to have an attorney review the terms of your contract before you sign a binding agreement.

New study shows experience plays a major role in crash risk

When you think about the trucks on the road, what makes you think of a good driver? Experience trumps age, according to a new study in truck safety.

Age does have an impact on the risk of driving a commercial vehicle and crashing, but it has been found that experience plays a larger role in mitigating risk overall. This was found in a study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute's National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence.

What terms should your business contract include?

Running a business can be a strenuous undertaking, and if companies experience growth, they may need to work with outside companies in order to complete certain projects. If you have recently decided to team up with an individual or another business, you want to ensure that you and the other party understand what the business relationship will involve.

One of the best ways to go about ensuring that everyone is on the same page is by creating a contract. If this is your first business agreement with an outside entity, you may feel a little hesitant about creating a contract, but fortunately, you can receive help with drafting your business agreement.

3 injured after driver reportedly tries to elude the police

Have you ever been on the roads and seen police chasing someone? Though the authorities tend to call off police chases when the roads are busy, most people have seen the police pursuing someone at one time or another. You may have witnessed a driver speeding or weaving recklessly to get away. These hazardous actions can, and often do, lead to collisions with injuries and deaths.

When a driver acts dangerously, it can put their life and the lives of others riding with them in danger. Even in a single-vehicle collision, a passenger may be able to pursue compensation if the driver was reckless or caused a crash resulting in injuries.

Your defense attorney plays an important role in your case

If you're accused of committing a crime, it's important that you defend yourself from the start. From the moment you know that you're being investigated through your time in court, you deserve to have someone on your side who is there to protect your interests. That's the job of your defense attorney.

Criminal defense attorneys aren't exactly like what you see on TV or in the media. Instead, keep in mind that your attorney is going to be realistic about the charges and what you can expect as an outcome. Additionally, you may not need to go to trial, depending on if you are willing to take a plea deal or if your attorney can get the charges dropped.

Crash sends 7 to hospital as vehicle goes up in flames

When a serious crash occurs, many people can end up with severe injuries. Sometimes, crashes aren't just about the force involved. If a fire breaks out, people could be badly burned and be caught in a life-threatening situation very quickly.

One example is a crash that harmed multiple people because of a fire in Virginia Beach. A two-vehicle crash left seven people with injuries. The crash, which happened at around 7:30 p.m., pushed one vehicle against a local building.

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