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Helping people address their needs after a car accident

For many people that get into a car accident, the days and weeks after the crash see them fall into depression. They may not know what to do or how to address the physical injuries they have suffered, some of which can be mysterious and hard to define -- such as whiplash and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). There can also be significant property damage that can drain a person's finances.

Helping people recover from a car accident is a critical function of a personal injury attorney, and we want to encourage people who, unfortunately, are involved in a car accident to take the necessary steps after the crash to address the havoc that has just been brought upon their lives.

Should you believe the hype? 3 vehicle safety features explained

You see advertisements that tout this or that vehicle safety feature as a life saver. However, some reports show that certain safety features might create hazards instead.

Cars.com provides some information to help you evaluate whether you want to invest in a vehicle that has the following safety features:

Careful What You Sell - Felony Distribution of Imitation Drugs

Virginia Code § 18.2-247(B) makes it a crime to distribute an imitation controlled substance. Specifically, § 18.2-247(B)(ii) makes it unlawful to sell any "pill, capsule, tablet, or substance of any form whatsoever which is not a controlled substance subject to abuse." Recently, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled in Powell v. Commonwealth, 766 S.E.2d 736 (2015) (full text) that a defendant's distribution of quetiapine (an antibiotic drug) could give rise to a conviction under § 18.2-247(B) if it is packaged to look like cocaine and sold as such.

Establishing Adequate Foundation for Expert Opinions in Virginia Products Liability Cases

All Virginia products liability attorneys are well aware that, in order for an expert opinion to be admissible, the opinion must satisfy a number of certain requirements, including the requirement of adequate factual foundation. The Virginia Supreme Court recently reversed a $14 million dollar judgment in Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., et al. v. Keith Allen Duncan, individually and as the Guardian and Conservator for Zachary Gage Duncan, et al.¸ 2015 Va. LEXIS 3 (full opinion) based on the failure of adequate foundation for the plaintiffs' expert opinion.

DUI Accident Lawsuits - Virginia Punitive Damages

Virginia Code Section 8.01-44.5 provides for punitive damages in DUI accident lawsuits when a driver of a vehicle is intoxicated and (1) the driver's blood alcohol content ("BAC") is at or above .15 at the time the driver was operating the vehicle or (2) the driver of the vehicle refuses to take the breathalyzer. This code section is regularly used by personal injury attorneys to establish punitive damages at trial. The Virginia Supreme Court recently ruled in Coalson v. Canchola, 2014 Va. LEXIS 30 (2014) (full opinion) that a 1:17 ratio between compensatory and punitive damages was not excessive under Virginia law and did not offend the driver's due process rights.

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