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Estate Law

Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., provides a full range of estate and trust planning, administration and litigation. We currently offer a comprehensive estate law package that includes wills and last testaments, trusts and living trusts, probate, medical powers of attorney, DNR orders and advance medical directives. Also, we provide associated tax advice along with other related issues.

From simple estates to complex trust agreements, Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., assists Virginia residents deal with planning for their family’s futures. We protect these individuals from extra administration costs and unnecessary taxes. A good estate plan will also help your family cope with the loss of a loved one without undue burden.

Estate and trust administration is a service provided by Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., to assist an executor, administrator or trustee navigate through the difficulties of their tasks. The law with respect to estate and trust administration can be confusing, and we aid those people placed in a fiduciary role. From dealing with disbursements, the reasonably prudent investor rule and difficult family members, Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., represents fiduciaries to overcome confusing, archaic laws.

Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., also provides estate litigation services to those persons wishing to contest a will, challenge a power of attorney or file an action against a fiduciary who has acted improperly. If a will or trust has ambiguous language, we can file suit to interpret that document. If an executor, administrator or trustee has acted improperly, he or she can be removed by court action. Even nonprobate assets such as life insurance policies, joint bank accounts and investment accounts may be subject to lawsuit.

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