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Who is more likely to drive distracted?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Car Accidents |

For the most part, individuals in Virginia and all across the nation have a lot going on in their lives. Being busy is not always bad; however, multi-tasking while driving is often frowned upon and is frequently descried as dangerous. While it might be important to check that e-mail, sent that text or take a phone call, the fact of the matter is that this is distracted driving, and this conduct causes far too many accidents on the roadways each and every day.

Who is more likely to drive distracted? With it being National Teen Driver Safety week, facts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention can help highlight the rate of automobile collisions among teen drivers. In fact, teens are known as the most at-risk population on the road. This is for many reasons, as they are new drivers and do not understand how even a minor distraction lasting a few seconds could have a deadly result.

Taking one’s hands off of the wheel and eyes off of the road is very dangerous; however, teens are often doing activities that cause this. By responding to a text, changing the music, eating, drinking and even grooming oneself can be a dangerous activity. Even more so, activities such as talking on the phone or to passengers could also be distracting, even though the driver’s hands remain on the wheel and their eyes stay on the road. Distractions can also occur when the driver’s mind is no longer on the task of driving.

Car accidents can have many causes, but today, it is more often likely that a negligent driver caused it. Negligence can look like many things, often taking the form of distracted driving. Because of this, it is important that victims take the time to fully understand the cause of the crash so they can assess liability and their options to seek compensation through a personal injury action.


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