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Did a defective part lead to your recent car crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Determining whether a defective part caused your recent car crash will contribute to your broader understanding of your legal rights and opportunities for compensation. Unfortunately, determining whether a defective part – whether subject to a recall or not – played a role in a crash isn’t always a straightforward undertaking.

Vehicle defects can range from faulty brake systems to malfunctioning airbags. All of these can pose serious risks to drivers, passengers and others on the road. If you suspect a defective vehicle component played a role in a recent accident that caused you harm, having legal guidance will help you assess that concern.

Making a determination

Start by closely examining the circumstances surrounding the crash. Did the vehicle behave unexpectedly? Were there issues with steering, braking or acceleration? Sometimes, the nature of the accident itself can suggest a possible defect. For instance, a car that suddenly accelerates or fails to stop despite pressing the brake pedal might indicate a malfunctioning throttle or brake system.

Similarly, a well-documented maintenance history can help rule out wear and tear or poor maintenance as the cause of the malfunction. Regular service checks minimize the chance of mechanical failures and may bolster the argument that a defect, rather than neglect, contributed to the crash. Finding a recall related to your vehicle’s make and model, specifically for the part you suspect malfunctioned, can be compelling evidence. Additionally, consumer complaints on safety advocacy websites or forums can indicate whether others have experienced similar issues.

If the causes of your crash are still undetermined, automotive engineers or accident reconstruction specialists may be called in to examine your vehicle to identify defects and determine how they may have contributed to the crash.

While your legal team is working on an accurate determination of what caused your crash, it’s essential to preserve your vehicle in its post-crash condition as much as possible. Do not repair the suspected defective part before it can be examined. Any alterations could undermine your ability to prove that a defect caused the accident.


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