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Common causes of hunting accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2019 | Injuries |

Hunting season is here in Virginia. Hunting can be a satisfying sport whether you live for catching wild game or just enjoy being in peace and quiet out in nature. However, it comes with its own risks.

While many people may automatically assume that the biggest danger lies in the firearms and other weaponry used to take down game, these do not pose the greatest threat. In fact, hunters following safety measures has reduced the number of shooting accidents in Virginia, reports the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. What else, then, causes injuries to hunters?

Defective products

You rely on the equipment necessary for the sport to keep you hidden, warm and safe. When anything you use is defective, it puts you at risk for an accident. If you end up sustaining an injury due to a faulty item, you may be able to hold the manufacturer legally responsible. This is so that you do not have to worry about paying all the medical bills and supporting your family while you cannot work.

Falls from high heights

A significant hazard is falling from trees. Sometimes, it may be due to a hunter’s own negligence, but it can also occur because of a defective deer stand or another factor that affects hunter safety. Falls can lead to broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. You may not recover fully, depending on injury severity, and that can bring lifelong health consequences. Therefore, it is always wise to see a doctor after a fall, even if you feel fine. Sometimes, symptoms take time to show up. The longer you wait to receive medical care, the harder it can be to prove your case.

Hunting can still be a relaxing or exciting activity as long as you do your part to stay safe, such as by using proper gear and following all rules. However, when others do not fulfill their obligations in securing your safety, they may have to financially compensate you.


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