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Many different types of businesses either call the Blacksburg area home or, at least, have a presence in this area. This part of Virginia has sole proprietorships and partnerships as well as smaller, family-owned corporations and limited liability companies.

Likewise, there are many larger corporations which, although they may have different legal needs, still may require the services of an attorney.

Our law office has experience representing a variety of different business types. For those who are just getting started, we can assist them with deciding whether to incorporate, create a limited partnership or form an LLC and then taking the proper steps to do so. What type of business organization to use is often a complicated and important question, and we are able to help start-up companies make the right choice in this respect.

Likewise, even small or growing businesses will need legal help from time-to-time. Aside from making annual regulatory filings and completing other paperwork, a business that is seeking to grow by merging with or acquiring another business outright will likely need help with negotiating the terms of the deal and being certain that the deal will hold up in the long run.

Finally, mid-sized and larger businesses often come to us for their legal needs. A mid-sized business can in fact be in an awkward spot since there is no room in the budget for a dedicated in-house lawyer but there is still a fair amount of legal work to be done. We can help this sort of business fill the gap.

Finally, even larger corporations sometimes rely on us for specialized questions or to cover additional work.


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