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Blacksburg celebrates first snow but sees crashes, stuck vehicles

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Located in Montgomery County, Blacksburg is a beautiful town to live in. There are lots of friendly people and plenty of things to do. Unfortunately, like many other places, there is still a risk of getting hit by a car or suffering an injury as a result of other people’s actions.

One thing that you do have to be cautious of in Blacksburg is poor weather conditions for driving. At the local schools, students have enjoyed the season’s first snowfall in January, but that doesn’t mean that the roads and sidewalks aren’t treacherous. Students were warned that sidewalks, though clear in the evening, could become slick and refreeze, putting them at risk of falling.

Why is the first snowfall of a season newsworthy? It draws attention to the importance of knowing your safety rules and to the responsibility of the state, school and business owners to clear walkways and roadways to make them safe.

When snow falls, there is a potential for slick conditions on the road and on sidewalks. Students, or anyone, walking on sidewalks could be sideswiped by a car that loses control. A driver trying to stop could hit black ice and collide with someone else. In fact, the report did indicate that some vehicles were stuck in the snow while others ended up in crashes.

To stay safe, it’s important to know how to drive in snow and when to stay off the roads. If a driver hits you while you’re walking or driving, you may be able to seek compensation from them so that you can cover your losses.


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