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Truck drivers to use weigh stations for rest breaks in Virginia

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

When truck drivers get too tired, it’s important for them to pull over and avoid driving further. They need to take breaks and rest because failing to do so can put their lives, and the lives of others around them, at risk.

That’s why news out of Virginia from April 9 is so important. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is now offering to allow truck drivers to use weigh stations as additional rest stops.

Truck drivers often carry items needed throughout America’s supply chain. When they are in heavy demand, drivers work longer hours and may be more exhausted than usual. It’s essential that they’re getting enough sleep, though, or the number of crashes could increase.

Drowsy driving is a hazard to anyone on the roads, which is why getting a full night’s sleep is essential if you’ll be on the road. Did you know that one in 25 adults admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel in the last month (30 days)? That’s far too many people.

Driving drowsy makes it hard to pay attention to the road, slows down reaction times and impairs your ability to make decisions. If you’re a truck driver, then not being awake enough could mean hitting a much smaller vehicle and causing a serious, if not fatal, collision. That’s a risk that no one really wants to take, which is why offering extra stops for drivers to rest at is such a good change.

If you’re hit by a drowsy driver, remember that you have a right to pursue a claim. Drivers need to take breaks when they’re tired so that they can continue on safely.


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