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Know what to expect from your attorney in Virginia

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

If you commit a crime, even without realizing you did, then you could face charges. If you don’t take the opportunity to defend yourself seriously, those charges could be much more significant than you expected, and you could end up with a conviction.

The main role of your criminal defense attorney is to help minimize the impact of an arrest, charges or conviction on your life. Your criminal defense attorney will help in a few different ways. Here are some of the things they’ll do to support you.

1. They’ll make sure the arrest was performed legally

Your attorney will look into your arrest and how it came about. They’ll make sure you were stopped legally or that a search was performed only within the bounds of the law. Your attorney will make sure you were read your rights in an appropriate amount of time and were treated appropriately by the authorities.

2. They’ll check on evidence

Another thing they’ll do is look into the evidence for your case. If evidence goes missing or is corrupted, then it might not be possible for the prosecution to introduce it.

3. They will help you prepare for court (and negotiate to keep you out of it)

Finally, they’ll help you prepare for court and negotiate with the prosecution. Your attorney will try to get you a plea deal or work to have the penalties you could face reduced all while fighting to help you clear your name.

Our website has more on criminal defense and why you need to be certain of your rights.


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