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Speeding and traffic accident data

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Car Accidents |

As a driver, it is helpful to take a look at statistics on speeding and understand the consequences of this dangerous behavior. Regrettably, speeding remains far too prevalent across the U.S., and many people lose their lives or suffer devastating injuries as a result of other drivers going too fast. Speeding occurs for many reasons, but there is no excuse for placing lives in danger by ignoring traffic safety guidelines.

Not only does speeding make a car crash more likely, but it also increases the chances that those involved in a collision will suffer more serious injuries.

Speeding and traffic accident injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that over the course of 2019, 326,000 people suffered injuries in speed-related accidents, according to estimates. In fact, this represents 12% of all people hurt in traffic collisions during 2019. It is also essential to realize that speed-related accidents made up 26% of all deadly accidents in 2019, causing over 9,400 people to lose their lives.

Traffic accidents and the impact of speeding

Speeding raises a number of concerns when a crash takes place. Drivers going too fast have more difficulty controlling their vehicles, and protective equipment loses effectiveness when a collision occurs at high speeds. Due to the force of an accident, high speeds increase the chances that someone involved will suffer a devastating injury or lose their life.

If you are trying to recover after an accident that took place because another driver went too fast or displayed some other form of recklessness behind the wheel, you need to firmly stand up for your legal rights.


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