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Can exhaustion influence truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Drowsy driving is a form of distracted driving that many people do not even consider. However, it is also one of the most common forms of distracted driving, and it can have a huge negative impact on drivers everywhere.

This is especially true when drowsy truckers get involved. They pose a bigger danger than any other drowsy driver on the road.

Contributing factors to trucker drowsiness

The New York Times discusses wearable technology that can tell drowsy truckers when they should pull over. This is a sign of a bigger issue at large: the problem of drowsy truckers hitting the road at an alarming rate every day.

Unfortunately, drowsy truckers are an issue for many reasons, and the industry itself is one of them. Truckers often feel incentivized or even forced to push themselves beyond their physical bounds in order to meet insane quotas. Many companies offer extra bonuses and other gifts in exchange for a driver cramming more deliveries or miles into a single day, too, encouraging them to skip out on proper sleep.

These companies do very little to combat trucking culture as well. Many truckers feel that it is “weak” to need too much sleep before hitting the road, and will boast or brag about how long they can go without sleeping properly. They also believe too heavily in wakefulness tactics that do not work long-term.

The dangers of drowsy trucking

Unfortunately, truckers are just as susceptible to drowsiness as any other driver. The big issue is that they can cause even more damage due to the size and weight of their vehicle, making it even more crucial for them to realize their limits and not make dangerous decisions.


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