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Where should I begin with finding commercial property?

One of the important aspects of running a business is having a location from which to conduct your operations. You may need physical locations for stores or offices. Regardless, if you need a property for your business, you will have to begin a search for commercial real estate.

There are many factors you may consider when choosing a property, but Rocket Mortgage explains there are a few starting points you can use to immediately narrow down the potential prospects.

Area market

You will want to consider the general area in which the property is in and how well your business might do there. You want to be sure there are customers available and that the general location is going to allow your business to thrive.


It is essential to ensure the property is in an area zoned for business use. You will have an incredibly difficult, if not impossible, task at hand to change the zoning if it is not for business. It is smart to avoid locations not zoned correctly.


Consider the traffic patterns and general access to the location. Make sure your customers or other traffic going to and from your business will have an easy time doing so. Look for potential issues with deliveries, such as small areas where large trucks cannot get in or maneuver.

Future needs

Ensure that the location will grow with your business. If you have plans to stay here for the long term, then you want to be sure that any growth your business experiences will not create problems due to the location or the building structure.

These are only preliminary considerations. Once you narrow down the possibilities, you can get into looking at specific needs and wants.


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