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Drug paraphernalia charges in Virginia

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Drug charges could have a significant impact on your life, not only in the weeks and months after allegations surface but years down the road as well. If you find yourself in this position as a result of an offense involving drug paraphernalia, it is pivotal to go over the details of your case and do everything in your power to protect your future.

Some people do not realize that drug paraphernalia charges carry serious consequences. Aside from penalties imposed by the court, the outcome of such a case could affect your reputation, career and other parts of your life.

Examples of drug paraphernalia

According to the Code of Virginia, many different types of equipment and materials constitute drug paraphernalia in the state. Various objects used to plant, grow, harvest, manufacture, prepare, test, store and consume drugs can result in serious charges. For example, grow kits, scales, balances, blenders, capsules, syringes, diluents, pipes, cocaine spoons and roach clips can lead to drug paraphernalia charges.

Evidence reviewed in drug paraphernalia cases

Courts look at different factors when deciding if a particular object constitutes illegal drug paraphernalia, such as its proximity to unlawful drugs, statements from the person facing charges, instructions regarding the use of an object and testimony from experts.

In some instances, people face drug paraphernalia charges because another party planted or left an item in their car or backpack. Others could find themselves in this position without realizing a device constituted illegal paraphernalia. It is pivotal to evaluate your options thoroughly and take a careful approach to drug paraphernalia charges.


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