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How can road rage lead to a crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Car Accidents |

People with road rage can potentially cause a crash anywhere. When you are just trying to get from one place to another, you may not realize how dangerous an angry driver can be.

Learning about how road rage impacts the choices people make on the road can help you after a motor vehicle accident.

Intense speeding

According to NBC News, road rage can overwhelm a person’s emotions and cause them to focus on following one particular other driver. When the angry driver tries to catch up to you, they may speed over the posted limit. This includes going on the grass or other areas in order to further aggravate or scare you.

Disinterest in letting others pass

If you are near an angry driver who does not allow others to pass in front of them or tries to intimidate people by blocking a lane, they could cause a crash. Drivers with road rage may try to block out ways of escaping so that they can keep following you.

Honking and yelling

An angry driver could yell out of their car window or try to honk in order to distract you and other drivers. They may use their horn even when it startles or annoys others.

Failure to follow rules

When sharing the road, people rely on others to follow road rules, such as stopping at red lights and waiting for a turn. Angry drivers can purposefully ignore those rules and put you and anyone else around them at risk for harm.

No matter where you encounter a driver with road rage, staying alert after an accident is key.


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