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4 most dangerous in the Blacksburg area

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Nestled in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Blacksburg offers residents and visitors serene beauty.

However, hidden among the landscapes are roads that demand caution and skill from even the most seasoned drivers.

1. Route 460

Stretching through the heart of the region, Route 460 presents a winding challenge for motorists. Its twisting turns and steep gradients demand constant attention. The scenic views can be distracting, making it important to stay focused on the road. Weather conditions add an extra layer of danger, as fog and precipitation can reduce visibility rapidly.

2. Catawba Road

Catawba Road is a narrow passage that demands precision from drivers. The road’s twists and turns, coupled with its limited shoulder space, make overtaking risky. The absence of guardrails along certain stretches heightens the stakes. Motorists must navigate this road with care, especially during adverse weather conditions, where slippery surfaces can amplify the risk.

3. Prices Fork Road

Prices Fork Road, a hub of activity in the region, poses challenges with its constant flow of traffic. The road’s commercial and residential mix creates a dynamic environment where pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles converge. The need for heightened awareness is important, especially during peak hours. The absence of dedicated lanes for cyclists and pedestrians adds to the complexity.

4. Ellett Valley Road

Venturing into the rural outskirts, Ellett Valley Road presents its own set of dangers. Narrow lanes, blind curves and occasional wildlife crossings make this road a risky proposition. Drivers must anticipate sudden changes in road conditions and prepare for encounters with wildlife. The absence of street lighting amplifies the risks, especially during nighttime travel.

In 2022, 162 people sustained injuries daily on Virginia roads. While Blacksburg offers scenic beauty, navigating its roads demands a keen sense of awareness and skill.


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