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Half of all injury crashes occur at intersections

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Car Accidents |

The statistics regarding car accidents in the United States can expose dangerous trends. In some cases, it’s helpful for drivers to know how accidents occur. This may allow them to avoid certain accidents, or at least to be more wary of times and places where these crashes are likely.

With this in mind, it’s important to point out that about 50% of all car crashes that lead to injuries happen at intersections. Similarly, about 25% of all fatal accidents also occur at intersections. Why does this happen?

All it takes is one mistake

The problem with intersections is that traffic usually moves smoothly and carefully, but those vehicles do have to cross paths. If everyone at the intersection obeys the traffic signals, watches the drivers around them and doesn’t make any mistakes, it’s not a problem. Drivers wait their turn and then cross in front of others who must wait at the traffic signal until it’s their turn to go.

But this entire system depends on all of those drivers doing the right thing.

As soon as someone makes a mistake – going out of turn at a four-way stop, speeding up to try to make it through a yellow light, running a red light, not seeing a stop sign or failing to give themselves enough space to brake in time – then it causes an accident. The risk level is higher at intersections because of the inherent danger caused when traffic lanes have to cross. The same type of risk does not exist in other areas, such as on the interstate, where traffic moves in the same direction.

You could get injured in a crash due to the mistakes of drivers around you. If so, take the time to look into your options to seek financial compensation.


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