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Blackburg doctor sentenced in prescription drug case

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

If you’re a medical provider, one tricky line to walk is the one that falls between “prescribing too many addictive medications” and “providing your patients with the right pain management care.” It’s unfortunate, but because of the opioid crisis, many doctors have come under fire for prescribing opioids to their patients, even when those drugs are indicated for their conditions.

Sometimes, medical providers face charges when they’re accused and convicted of drug charges. Take for example this report about a doctor from Blacksburg who now faces time in prison as well as heavy fines for drug and fraud convictions. According to the report, the surgeon was targeted by a criminal investigation starting in 2016. He reportedly purchased oxycodone in larger amounts than normal, when compared to other physicians.

He was later indicted three different times and had two separate jury trials. One of the charges and convictions was for the illegal distribution of controlled substances.

The 45-year-old medical provider reportedly violated the law by prescribing drugs to his wife, despite claiming that she needed them, and by committing health care fraud. His defense argued that the insurance billings were sloppy but not intentionally erroneous. Additionally, there was no evidence that the medical provider had distributed drugs to the community or his friends. Sadly, the judge did not agree, and the doctor has lost his license as well.

As a medical provider, you should remember that you have a right to defend yourself if you’re accused of prescribing too many opioids to your patients. Drug charges like that could ruin your career, but you do have an opportunity to fight back.


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