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How Do I Prepare My Employee to Drive My Business Vehicle?

As business owners discover, you must delegate responsibilities for your enterprise to grow. At some point, virtually every company will send an employee to another location to fulfill necessary tasks, such as purchasing supplies or making deliveries.

While this is a milestone in the growth of your business, it is an added stressor as well. That worker embodies your business and, to a degree, your company is responsible for her or his conduct, including dealing with the results of any vehicular accident. Though you hope it never happens, what can you do to prepare yourself and your worker for such an eventuality?

Take these steps to minimize your liability

Knowing that you must empower others to operate vehicles on behalf of your business, there are several imperatives to follow in order to be fully prepared for your legal responsibilities:

  • Make certain the driver has an appropriate license and driving competence. Failure to do so may leave you open to a claim of negligent hiring or negligent supervision.
  • Make certain the driver understands the parameters of the tasks he or she is performing for the company and does not exceed them.
  • Make certain the driver understands the protocol to follow in the event of an accident.

Just because there is an accident does not mean your employee is at fault

Occasionally, other drivers in a collision involving a corporate vehicle may feign injury or attempt to evade their own culpability in causing the wreck.

It is essential to do everything possible to avoid an accident and behave properly if one occurs. Also, instruct employees never to admit fault following a collision.


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