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The dangers of trucker fatigue

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Blog, Truck Accidents |

Whether a truck driver collides with you because they used alcohol before taking to the road or they drove too fast, a large truck crash could shatter your life. Sometimes, these accidents occur as a result of truck driver fatigue, which occurs for a host of reasons. It is crucial for all drivers to understand how prevalent truck driver fatigue actually is, and the consequences of this problem.

Unfortunately, some truck drivers disregard traffic safety guidelines and choose to operate a large truck even though they are too tired to focus on the road.

Fatigue plays a role in many large truck accidents

Some people do not realize how often traffic accidents involving trucker fatigue take place. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration references a study that found that among commercial motor vehicle accidents, 13% of commercial motor vehicle drivers suffered from fatigue when the collision occurred. Moreover, it is difficult to pinpoint the precise number of fatigued truckers on the road, especially since drowsiness is hard to detect.

Truck driver fatigue can lead to devastating accidents

Not only are large trucks more difficult to control in comparison to smaller vehicles, but their sheer size often means that victims are more likely to suffer serious injuries or lose their lives when a collision happens. Truck drivers become fatigued for various reasons, such as working for too long and taking certain medications, but they have to answer for the aftermath of a collision that occurred because they were not fit to drive.

If you are struggling with physical, financial or mental hardships due to a large truck crash, stay focused on your recovery.


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