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What to do if your child was in a car crash with another driver

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

As parents, you do everything you can to keep your kids safe. You make sure they wear their seatbelts. You drive the speed limit. You limit distractions while driving. You are in control of your precious cargo when they are with you. But, you cannot be everywhere at once. Sometimes friends and family help with your brood. They do their best, but no matter how careful they are, sometimes accidents happen.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes injured over 91,000 children in 2019. If your child was in a wreck with another person, make sure you do the following.

Take them to see a doctor

Make sure your little one visits a physician as soon as possible. Keep copies of all related records and invoices.

Get the driver’s insurance information

You were likely only worried about your kid’s well-being in the panicked aftermath. But do not forget to gather the driver’s insurance information. You and your child are not at fault. The responsible party’s policy should cover all expenses related to recovery.

Do not feel guilty

Many people want to avoid a lawsuit if the driver was a friend or family member. After all, your loved one feels terrible enough, and you do not want to damage your relationship. Do not feel guilty if you need to file a claim to recover costs. Remember, you are suing the insurance company, not the individual. Most families need help when unexpected medical expenses arise.

If your child was in a car accident while in someone else’s care, do not stress. Compensation may be available to help you recover expenses.


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