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How can you facilitate self-growth in prison?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Going to prison in Virginia can change the trajectory of your life for the foreseeable future. However, you do not have to let your prison sentence be the reason you live a complacent and uneventful life.

Despite its reputation, prison can turn into a place where you make life-changing self-discoveries. You can actively seek ways to turn your life around so you can become a better person.

Avoid trouble

A surefire way to prolong your term and make things more stressful and unpleasant is to dabble in trouble. Stay away from gangs and gambling. Show respect to other inmates and avoid situations that could put your life in danger. Establish a reputation of integrity. Be a force for good in the lives of those around you.

Stay active

Do something active each day. Entrepreneur suggests daily workouts to pass the time in prison. If you do not have access to typical gym equipment, get creative with your workouts. Walking and running are great options. Using your body weight as resistance can provide an impressive workout and get your heart rate up. Staying active can improve your morale and motivation.

Make friends

Establish meaningful friendships. Find people whose values align with your own. People who will push you to be your best self and reach the goals you have set for your future. Having friendships can make your life more exciting.

Each of these steps can dramatically improve your reentrance to society once you finish your term. Your ability to move on with your life and put your past behind you will have a lot to do with how you choose to use your time while imprisoned.


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