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What damage can head injuries cause?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Injuries |

After suffering from a head injury, it is not uncommon for brain injuries to follow. Of course, many brain injuries have the ability to cause quite a lot of harm.

It is important to know the potential red flags and symptoms that may result from these injuries to get accurate medical attention.

Swelling, bleeding and bruising of the brain

Mayo Clinic takes a look at head injuries and the related injuries that often follow. Head injuries often result in brain damage, especially of the concussive sort. This happens when the brain hits the interior of the skull, resulting in swelling, bruising and bleeding.

The damages that may occur because of these injuries seem varied and often depend on numerous factors, making it hard to predict what damage any given head injury victim will see.

Generally speaking, swelling can potentially cut off oxygen supplies to the brain. This can easily lead to permanent brain damage if left untreated. The symptoms vary wildly depending on what area of the brain gets compressed.

Physical and behavioral manifestations of damage

Just a few manifestations of symptoms include unconsciousness, coma, motor skill deficiencies, trouble with balance or coordination and trouble with mobility. Some victims also experience sensory changes, such as ringing in the ears, visual disturbances and changes to smell or taste.

Other victims may show behavioral signs. This can include belligerent behavior, sudden aggression, confusion or agitation, and lashing out at others around them.

It is important to get them medical care even if they refuse it because this is the best way to tell the true extent of the damage.


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