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Protecting Students’ Futures

College is often a student’s first experience living on their own and navigating the challenges and choices of their newfound freedom. Along with this freedom comes greater responsibility — and a greater opportunity to make mistakes.

If you are a student — or the parent of a student — who has been charged with a criminal offense, you need an assertive attorney on your side. At Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., we have been helping families in Virginia for over 30 years with their legal issues. Our criminal law attorneys will explore every angle of your case, navigate complex litigation issues on your behalf and always fight for the best possible outcome in your situation.

Common Criminal Charges That Students Face

While college can be rewarding and fun, it can also be dangerous, especially when alcohol is involved. We defend students against a variety of criminal allegations, including those involving:

If you or a loved one has been arrested for one of these or another student offense, you need an experienced lawyer in your corner. We will work to settle your case but are not hesitant to go to trial when that’s the best course of action in your case. With as many years’ experience as we have, we know it’s important to look beyond one’s immediate desire to resolve the case as quickly as possible and to look at the big picture, long-term impact the case can have on your future. Our attorneys may also be able to help you get your record expunged, depending on the circumstances.

The Impact Of A Criminal Record

A criminal record can have a lasting impact on your future. For students, a criminal record could affect your ability to find a well-paying job. And for parents, if your child cannot find work, it may mean they are back home with you after college — if they are not allowed to remain at school. Sometimes, students are expelled after an offense.

In criminal law, if your case meets certain requirements, it may qualify for diversion program — and we will fight aggressively for this alternative when appropriate. If your case does not qualify for diversion, then we will aggressively work to find the best possible outcome for your situation, whether that means a reduced sentence, negotiated settlement or seeking an acquittal at trial.

Don’t leave your future to fate. Call Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., today at 540-315-8799 or contact us online for a free initial consultation. From our office in Blacksburg, we represent clients throughout Virginia.