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Trusted Help After An Accident With A Distracted Driver

At some point, every driver has faced a distraction while behind the wheel. There are many ways in which one’s focus can unintentionally shift. But a safe, mindful driver will always do their best to bring their attention to the act of driving, keeping their eyes on the road and mirrors and hands on the wheel.

After getting into a major or minor crash that you didn’t cause, it’s worth considering whether the other driver was keeping their focus on the road. Since distractions are so prevalent in today’s world, it’s important to write down notes of what you saw the other driver doing at the time of the collision. And, when the police arrive at the scene, you’ll want to be sure you let them know if you clearly saw the other driver engaging in a distraction, like texting, putting on makeup, or otherwise taking their eyes off the road.

From there, contacting an experienced personal injury attorney who has represented victims of distracted driving incidents, like the dedicated lawyers at Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., will give you a strong start to seeking the justice and damages you deserve.

What Does Evidence Of Distracted Driving Look Like?

There are three main categories that driving distractions tend to fall into. These include visual, manual and mental distractions. Some common ways these play out on Virginia’s roadways include:

  • Visual distractions: Looking at passengers while chatting, reading billboards and using your phone
  • Manual distractions: Texting, adjusting music or maps, and eating or drinking
  • Mental distractions: Daydreaming or thinking about anything other than driving

Since a mental distraction isn’t easy to spot, and manual and visual distractions only need to be engaged in for a few seconds to cause destruction, it’s important to try and recall what happened moments before the collision. Evidence of distracted driving often looks a lot like actions that a new or drunk driver might make. This could include swerving out of lanes, making frequent stops, going over or under the speed limit and taking more time than needed to notice when a traffic light turns green. Sharing what you witnessed before, during and after the crash will help the experienced team at Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., create a strong case that is specific to the traumatic experience that you endured.

Making A Strong Case Against A Careless Driver

Navigating the aftermath of a distracted driving accident can be physically, financially and emotionally taxing. However, there is no need to go through this difficult situation on your own when our Blacksburg-based attorneys have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of individuals just like you. Teaming up with our lawyers can bring you the support you need to move forward in life and receive proper compensation.

Getting legal help following a car accident caused by a distracted driver is a key component of success in a personal injury case. For a free initial consultation with experienced attorneys who have your best interest at heart, call 540-315-8799 or send us a message online today.