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Seeking Compensation After A Rideshare Accident

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are relatively new, but their popularity is undeniable. Most riders appreciate the convenience and relatively low costs (compared to similar services like taxis). While hailing a ride is easy, things can become significantly more complicated, however, when one of these drivers is involved in an accident. There are likely to be questions and disputes about who was at fault, which insurance policy applies and what the driver’s work status was at the precise time of the crash.

At Spicer, Olin & Associates, P.C., our experienced personal injury attorneys understand the complexities of rideshare accidents, including attempts by rideshare services to deny any responsibility. We will vigorously advocate for your rights and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Coverage Can Be Confusing

Drivers for Uber and Lyft are required to have their own auto insurance policies in addition to the variable commercial policies the companies provide. The reason this is confusing is that coverage can literally change from minute to minute. There are three “tiers” of coverage that determine which policy applies and what the coverage limits are in that scenario. The tiers include:

  • The driver is not using the rideshare app and is therefore not working (personal auto policy applies)
  • The driver is using the app and is waiting to be hired by customers (limited commercial policy applies)
  • The driver is using the app and is either carrying customers or on the way to pick up customers (highest-coverage commercial policy applies)

There have been numerous previous incidents in which drivers got into accidents and the rideshare companies alleged that drivers had been operating in a different tier than they claimed to be. In short, rideshare companies will typically try to shift liability solely or primarily to the driver if they can justify doing so. Our attorneys will aggressively contest any attempted maneuvers that would deny you funds you are entitled to.

Were You A Passenger, Another Driver Or A Pedestrian?

Liability for rideshare accidents is also dependent on what your relationship to the rideshare driver/company was at the time of the accident. Coverage is clearest if you were a paying passenger injured in an accident caused by the driver. Things can become more complex if you were driving a different car or were a pedestrian/bicyclist involved in an accident with the rideshare driver.

Regardless of the circumstances, our knowledgeable attorneys will help you understand your rights and legal options, and we will work tirelessly to help you claim the compensation you need and deserve.

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